Seminar: "Elevate"-Fashion Blogging 101

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Fashion blogging 101 by Sef Tiburcio and Michael Macalos
I didn't expect that Wednesday would become a very interesting day to me, I thought its just going to be another lazy major subjects day but it wasn't :D
4th year students from our department had this seminar entitled: "Elevate". It was a 3 days seminar about Advertising Techniques, Blogging, Photojournalism, Basic and Advance Photography, and Tips on becoming a DJ. I totally enjoyed the advice and experiences from the speakers in their chosen fields specially in Photography. The speaker was Mr. Mel Cortes he was a professor in La Salle and Mr. James ona a Professional photographer from our alma matter (Proud PUPian here xD)
Information overload! From photo reading to lighting set up. Awesome topic. LOL
And also Fashion Blogging which inspires me lot, so now i have a lot to post from last weeks activities 'til today. It helped know my self more. 
Good thing i take down notes, and i'm gonna share it here. :D 

I am with Sef Tiburcio a Fashion Blogger who loves 'Pastel and plains'. 
Blogging 101: (By Sef Tiburcio)

1. Don't over Dress 
2. Pair up your fashion gears.
3.Create Fashion solutions
4. Be clean
5. Be thrifty

Tips about fashion blogging: (By Sef Tiburcio)
1. Love what you do.
2.Love your style
4.Always reinvent yourself
5.Learn to budget

My favorite advice from him :)
Do the right blogger attitude: (By Sef Tiburcio)

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Here, I am with Michael Macalos A Fashion Blogger from FUE taking Bachelor in Advertising Arts :)
Know who you are.
Look for inspirations.
Know what you want to accomplish.
Know the latest trends.
Take a Style lessons.
Stock up on wardrobe essentials.
Trust your instincts.
Know your body type.
Fit is the key to perfection.
(By Michael Macalos)

My new favorite quote :) 
(By Michael Macalos)
Yeah! :D

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My notes in Photography
To be continued. . . . :)

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