The King of Pop-Acoustic

9:40 AM

Meet and short Kwentuhan with Mr. Nyoy Volante. The King of Pop-Acoustic.

My friend Keervy who is a big fan of  Nyoy, tweeted him about inviting Nyoy to become one of our judge in our coming event. Luck kid, Nyoy noticed his tweet then all this things suddenly happened. I was able to meet The Nyoy Volante and had a little business with him (Nadamay lang xD) 
We're also with Nadine our Project head.

We didn't expect that we will get a chance to talk with him that long, he invited us to come with him at The Remington Hotel where he was staying and we took the video there. Awesome right :D Here we are inside his hotel room. It was kinda awkward but he's fun to talk with, very light and open. Chill lang :)

After the video shoot. We went to Resort World Manila where Nyoy will perform that night together with his band. 
So Being someone in the Documentation Committee My task was to take the videos for our promotional materials that's why i was there.

 Before we leave we are still able to say Goodbye. Sadly he didn't become our judge for the Semi-Finals because of schedule kemes. LOL But! We still have our Final Event, so maybe just maybe. He will become one of our judges. :)

Trivia:  Nyoy is also into theater, specifically in Production works. 

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