Goody 2013 (Come Play!)

8:18 AM

Goody 2013 Come Play! Happened last September 14, 2013 held at SM Mall of Asia, Atrium. Hosted by Patricia Prieto and Bianca Saldua. Goody prepared a lot of fun activities, which us girls would really love. There are booths for the participants Which is 40% of my reason why i enjoyed this event so much. Not only that, there are also free products from their sponsors given upon the registration. And the remaining 60% of my reason is because of the 3 Pretty bloggers who are the main speakers of this event. 

 Here is the registration where we got our loot bags with a lot of freebies!

 Goody products. The ouch less collection. It never hurts to be stylish. (Goody Tagline)

This is the exciting part of this event when i finally met these inspiring bloggers!

The awesome host Bianca Saldua. She's very energetic that day. I love her :D
The Patricia Preito she's also one of the host. She's bubbly and easy to approach. Adore♥
 Its CamilleCo! She discussed bout DIY Fashion which is very cool. I got a lot of new ideas from her demos.You Rock! :D

 Here is Kryz Uy who talked about beauty and make ups. 
 she gave tips about Fashion for occasions and for normal days.Because of her i realized that it is very important to actually fix yourself not only for big events but also in your daily life activities. Value for beauty!

Last but not the least, Laureen Uy! she discussed about minimalist and maximal accesorising. she also had her demo for styling.
 As a person who preferred for less accessories. Her talk made me realize that i'd better put more elements on what i'm wearing. Another learning about Fashion :D

More freebies. Gift Certificates and Products :)

It is my first time to attend an event about fashion and Girly stuff. LOL
I'm 18 and i just started to appreciate the beauty of being a real girl or a woman? I grew up with boy stuff. I know i am not the only one here right? Since, I've shifted my attention to a different interest. At first i found it hard. But! Goody was really a goody brand. Hahah! It became easy for me to learn about all these kemes xD 
This event made me realize how important a girl must take care of herself (talking to my self :P) not only on the physical aspect but also with the personality that must be applied. O'well Its time to change my habits. 
An afternoon of pure girly pampering, Very relaxing. . . . Sounds good ei? I think we'll be seeing each other on the next Goody come play! It's a wonderful event. Thank you Goody :)

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