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 The continuation of my story about the seminar "Elevate" :)

This is Mr. Mel Cortes. He is the Owner/Managing Director of Decisive Moments and a professor in De La Salle-College of St. Benilde and My friend Patricia. Reading between the lines that's how he critique a photo. I was amazed  by how he explained the meaning of a single photo. So i guess this is how he do it. :)

The Photographic Elements (By Mel Cortez)
1. Graphics-The relation between lines, shape and patterns
2. Quality of light
3. Emotion- Human being posses the widest range of expression.
4. Juxtaposition-Photographic presentation of opposing elements which often                          convey a sense of irony.
5. Mood
6. Sense of place-allows the reader to quickly comprehend the setting of the                            image.
7. Point of entry-Immediately draws the reader
8. Impact- Provokes am impact of an emotional response.
9. Rule of thirds-Visual rule that divides a photograph into visual thirds.
10. Visual perspective- a unique visual view
11. Visual surprise- Show unexpected humor!
12. Layering- Strong point of entry supported by story telling.
13. Moment
14. Personality portrait
They have this organization of photographers named: BAWAL MAG SHOOT DITO-Only in the Philippines  where they are against about the no shooting rule in public parks in the Philippines, I joined the group and they accepted my request :D 

Checkout their Facebook page:

This is Mr. James Ona is a freelance Professional Photographer, An alumni of our Alma matter (P.U.P.) and the Grand Winner of Art Petron's Photography Contest for two consecutive years (2006-2007).  He discussed about Basic Photography from camera set up, shutter speed ISO, apperture, etc. 
I really enjoyed his lecture, because he brought his whole set of lights that he uses in his regular shooting appointments. I've written a few notes from his discussion :)

EDFAT Method
Entire- Observe
Digest- Crop
Frame- Angle
Angle- Positions of the subject
Timing- Relevant

EDFAT is the method that he uses before taking a photo. 

Composition- Is an arrangement of subject in the picture.
He said you need to ask yourself: "What do i want to accomplish?"

Points to consider:
-Capture a moment
-Get closer
-Frame the picture
-include foreground subjects and background subjects
-show the imporatance of a subject
-show context

 Told you i have written FEW notes. I got distracted with the hands on session. :P

I hope you learned something about this :)

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