10:35 AM

 Hi! Busy week for us. Our event "The ADfactor" will  be on September 21, 2013 4:00pm7:00pm at Riverbanks Center, Activity Area. See you there! and also Please LIKE our facebook page.

 Talking about tough dayssss. Problems keep on blocking my way, and yeah it's hard. but here i am trying to run and escape from what is laid in front of me. I'm a coward. I wish i have the courage to fix these things i messed up. I'm not okay. but i hope everything will be fine soon. 
Looking at the bright side, there's still a lot of reasons to smile anyway. Smile for you :) 
Thanks for viewing. 

PS. I have a lot to blog and new DIY crafts are coming.
*This blog is under construction......

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