6:02 AM

The semifinals was over, and we're down to our 7 finalist. Congratulations to our winners and to my beloved blockmates 1Stambay. RAK :D

  Before our event started. My friend/ Photographer Jac and I still had time to shoot for OOTD.Credits to We took advantage of the time because we are early for the stage set up. Also, i'm excited to have a photo of our 1st ever class shirt! (Finally) 1st event, 1st class shirt. We still have 2 years? hahahah more for 'first time' with 1Stambay. :)

 Smillin. Chillin. Don't know what i'm sayin :D
 HELLO! Said by my neon green nails :) I like wearing vans under my long skirt its like a surprise to everbody hahahaha After the event we still have time to bond, we ate at Mang inasal then 'tambay' sa amphitheater kahit umuulan.
My mom came pala sa event and my classmates was like "Wow supportive mom.","Ui anjan pala si tita"I admit it. Kinilig ako because she was therethough we're not  in good term right now. I'm glad she came :) (Shhhhhh. Don't tell her about this :P)

Tomorrow is another day for school works again. We still have a lot to do before our Baguio adventure. I have new DIY i'll be posting it soon. Thanks for viewing my page :)

PS: RAK \m/ 

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