Candy Fair 2013

7:07 AM

Did you come last Saturday at Candy Fair 2013? If you did *High Five!* It was a blast  right?!LOL But if you didn't, I will tell you a lot of stories that will convince you to attend next year! :)
Candy Fair 2013 was held at MetroWalk Tent, Pasig City last September 28, 2013. This is an addition to my 'first time' experiences, because it was my first time to attend Candy Fair for my whole 18 years of existence. My cousin was kept on talking about it before but i wasn't interested back then. 
I didn't expect that it will be that great! I would like to thank Maureen Abala for my ticket and for the awesome bonding. :D
It was a whole day event for pampering and party. 

The fair started at 10am where all the booths are open for everyone to enjoy before the party started. 
Here are the booths!

 Carefree  have photo booth where you could choose from their 3 different backgrounds.

 In ellips you have to buy 3 pieces of their cologne worth Php75 for a chance to win a date with khalil ramos or Dominique Roque. 

Skin white booth have a different activity. they have hair chalk, DIY shirt and Photobooth.
 In Chic beauty Lounge they'll give you free popcorn when you liked their Fb page. HAHAH

Instax! My favorite booth. I got my second instax photo. The first one is from Goody 2013 Come Play. 
I wish to have an instax mini8 :D Attract Positive energy! woo :D
Safeguard gave  free loot bags with soap and body wash they also have interactive game inside :)
Girls Teen Wear have Photobooth and hair make over. And also Pure n fresh which got braiding and free flower headbands.

Maybe you are thinking if Candy Fair is only for teenagers? Well the answer is no. I've seen ladies of different ages wearing their cutest and coolest OOTDs!
After checking all the booths the show started around 2pm. The program started with the Ramp of the Candy Cuties that made the crowd gone wild! 
 Hi Joyce Pring! OMG :D
 Danni barretto.  Feeling small beside her. LOL 

The Fashion blogger Mikyle Quizon. mehehehe

Aside from this beautiful and handsome people. Theres a lot of other celebrities performed that day. there's Khalil Ramos, James Reid, Bret, Luigi D'Avola, Collen Garcia, Jasmin Curtis, Alex Diaz, Taken by cars and many more :)
After the performance of the Candy Cuties they walked around the area and mingled with the Candy Girls. Because of this Mawi and I thought of a brilliant idea to enjoy the Candy Fair to the fullest!
(I''ll reveal it ASAP or Later? xD)

The final performer should be Daniel Padilla but he wasn't able to come yet he still had something for his Candy Girl Fans. There was a raffle prices of 2 Daniel Padilla Candy Mag cover and his signature on it. 

Candy Fair 2013 ended with a blast! Blast of Confetti! LOL (Literal xD) Everyone was party rocking because of the Finale song 'And we danced all night to the best song ever~LALALA' which sang by ALEX DIAZ! and the rest of the celebrities that performed.
After the party there were autograph signing by The PBB boys, Luigi D'Avola, James Reid, Bret, and Alex Diaz. but mawi and i just go Alex and Luigi for signature and Photos. :P

This is Alexander Diaz. :) same name why. LOL

Too bad the party has to end. But fun never stops. Excited for next years Cady Fair! Thank you Candy Magazine for an awesome experience to remember :D

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