Like a symphony

4:24 AM

What would you do if told you that i la la la loved you -- like a symphony tonight. . . This song has been on repeat in my playlist the whole afternoon. Beautiful song by The Cab. 
Anyway, TADAH! my cute little babies. I mean hatchi's babies. I'm taking advantage of the time kasi after 2 months they'll be gone and we won't have this kind of bonding again :( But that's ok. I named them after my favorite band PARAMOOOORE! Let me introduce them to you.

 Josh- the most makulit puppy
 Jeremy- He sleeps all the time
Taylor-Girl she have letter V pattern in her forehead. 
 Hayley-Little brown puppy
Zac-Biggest cutie. He's a gay. LOL
Hayley again! 
 Zac and Taylor
Taylor and Hayley
 The band. Look photo bomb! :D

I hope you enjoyed their cuteness too :D
Thanks for viewing!

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