My craft

7:12 AM

 I'm not really good in writing yet i'm trying my best to blog. My goal on this blog thing is to show what  my craft is all about. I always have this childlike heart  that explains why i do my art this way.

Our gate

My room

Other side of my room

I dyed my shoes and it feels good :D

She's a pink headed dog. Actually it's purple dunno why it turned pink :/ This is my dog hatchi. Actually My mom and I planned this and we had fun coloring her hair Hahahaha!

Kissing Shoes ♥ That's me and . . . . Guess who Hahaha!

My latest DIY denim bag and DIY aztec phone cover. I was inspired with that epic TV show before, ART JAM that's why i made this.

The reason behind this kemes was because i believe that if you can't afford to buy stuff and fancy accessories why not create your own and be unique in your own way. My mom used to give me sermon instead of money when ask for new clothes, shoes or accessories. So maybe it's a practice of discipline i guess? Hahaha! But i'm glad she did that. Now i always ask her if she have old clothes that i could repair so i could have new clothes without sermon  DIY moves :)
I hope i could inspire other people to create what they want to have and be more resourceful in every way.

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