The Great Escape

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Hello there! It's always a good feeling to have a break in all the requirements of life for a while. Specially this sembreak di ba? I know you also have plans on taking a vacation somewhere far from Manila. 'Coz i've been wishing for this since last summer. and now . . . We are in The Smiling Land of Beauty Institutional, Industrial and International Trade Center. Guess this province? :) (May pasalubong pag uwi ko LOL)
We're in CAGAYAN VALLEY! A province that lies on the Northeastern most part of Luzon.
So, just what i have said in my last post. I will be blogging about the progress of the project that we are working for this getaway. I'm excited to share everything that happened in our Day 1!
Are you ready? 
 We first visited Solana. It's cool that they still use Kalesa as their transportation. More more kabayo in the road!

 Buntun Bridge. I ran in the middle of the road feeling YOLO!
After doing some YOLO trip. We went into this panciteria -Nathan's Eatery. First meal in Cagayan! There pancit is very unique! They called it Pancit Cabagan. 

 The Noodles were specially made here, and the thing made it more unique were the meat, egg and the soup made from the meat broth. YUM!
Eeach serving worth 50 pesos. Very affordable. and now i'm craving to eat one.! Argh.
We also tried Pancit Batil Patong. Same with Pancit Cabagan the only difference was their pancit. Pancit Batil Patong got thicker Pancit than the Pancit Cabagan. but the taste were both delectable!
On to the next stop. We visited Port Irene. We've seen huge trucks and machines used for the construction of the port. 
  By this time we are still  in Tuguegarao city. But our main destination is in Santa ana.

My traveling look. Hahah! Happy kid here!

After 2 hours of ride. Finally we are in Santa Ana, Cagayan! I love all the scenery and the ambiance of the province.  A very relaxing place to explore!
 This is the first thing we did when we arrived. Sunset Photography!

There you go! we need to get ready for Day 2's Activities so we slept early. 
Maybe you are wondering about this project that i'm telling you the whole time. hahaha.
Let's just say that we are assigned to experience all the great things in Cagayan and Discover all the wonders that the province has been preserving for a long time. Sounds superb right? Soon i'll further explain everything . 
I wish you also enjoyed my story about our Day 1, and I hope that you'll also find this place very enchanting.

Note: Our adventure happened kanina. I'll post soon our Day 2 experience. I hope you are excited for that! :)


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