Eye Ball (DIY)

8:47 AM

 Hey there fellas! You  know what. I'm so into this song "Tadhana" by Up Dharma Down. Ang ganda pala niya. I know it's an old song but hey we could always throwback in music right? :)
Read this lyrics: Bakit di pa sabihin, ang hindi mo maamin. Ipapaubaya na lang ba 'to sa hangin. 'wag mong ikatakot, and bulong ng damdamin mo. Naririto ako't nakikinig sayo. . . 
 It simply tells everything. LOL 
Anyway, it has been a long time since I've posted about my style. Since aztec is slowly fading in the scene. I got my self a new design to get addicted with. Eye Ball! 
I love how this design create an image of weirdness yet stylish. If you know what i mean :D 
DIY Eyeball Cropped Top. I made this few weeks ago for our defense. Our theme is about fashion, so we've decided to wear something uncommon for a defense attire. Good news! it was effective. 

I learned something about choosing your clothes to wear. It is very important that you know your body structure! 

 Blogger pose o'yea!

Just being a cutiepatootie here. 

Materials: Old black shirt, White cloth, Acrylic paint then do the magic!

Credits to: Jacqueline and Brandon

So what do you think? :)

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