Lovin' Patterns

7:07 PM

There have been a lot of changes that happened this past few weeks. Huge changes. I applied for an internship program as a Graphic Designer/Photographer in a new online shop and I got hired! Our office is located at Madaluyong City hall. From their I realized that I'm in the real thing na. I mean work na talaga no Petiks moment allowed. I enjoyed the work naman :)

I got this look for a regular office day. I was thinking about something office type yet comfortable and  you know an outfit that i could still bring out my style.

 Clutch Bag- SM Accessories
Watch- Tommy Hilfiger
 Top- Michaela

Credits: Patricia Villegas

After 2 weeks in work I got my Final schedule for this sem and it was heavy! LOL Subject Overload again. Plus we still got our event coming this November. Too bad i need to give up something :( But it was a fun experience though. 
Thanks for visiting my blog :)

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