Our Adventure Begins

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First, I would like to thank all the people behind this project who gave us this huge opportunity to help Cagayan Valley in promoting their Tourism and Local Developments. Through "One Cagayan Valley" our portal to success! We will be able to spread the news about the province and deliver all the information you need in the most convenient way! This project is made possible by Flashbang Project Web Design Studio in cooperation with the Local Government Unit of Cagayan Province. Sounds interesting right? 
My role is to share everything that i have experienced during my stay in Santa Ana, Cagayan. 
Cool adventure coming up!

The San Vicente Port will be the beginning of our venture to discover the islands, flourishing mountains, beautiful beaches and coves. 

The Team! They are very welcoming. 
I'm one of the official Blogger/Photographer for One Cagayan Valley Project!

Before we sailed. They introduced us the "Gamet" A rare black sea weed found in big rocks and cliffs around the island. This is sold for only 30 pesos!

I didn't expect that our boat ride would become a challenge. We sailed in an open sea, we're holding our cameras and huge waves were coming. 
 I felt like I've got butterflies in my stomach when ever we passed a huge one. We are crazy commuters! This 45 Minutes boat ride is one of my best experience in our getaway. 
I could sense you also want to try it. :) 

 First stop! "Siwangag Cove" I was mesmerized by the formation of the mountains surrounding the whole island. It is a U-shaped  white beach that is located at the northwest part of Palaui Island. 

 This is where the fishermen set their sails when bad weather is coming. It's a safe place to hide and rest for a while.

I felt fresh and relaxed playing near the shore. 
 We are travelers! 

Another boat ride. Off to the Lighthouse!
Trekking. Up to the lighthouse we go!
Extreme adventures weren't on my list this year, I just realized getting out of your comfort zone won't be that dangerous.
See this breathtaking view behind me? More photos below!

It's totally worth it when you reached the top. Overlooking beauty in 360 Degrees.
"Cape Engaño"
It was indeed a great place to be. This historical landmark made me reminisce the past. You could see here the view from the Lighthouse. Stunning scenery!

Too bad this Lighthouse is not functioning anymore. The metal bars were stolen, broken staircase, A lot of vandalism around the walls etc. It is possible that this Lighthouse would still become a pleasant paradise. I know you also want to be here someday. Let us help them spread the word. Cape Engaño needs your help! It's never to late to rebuilt this historical landmark. 
 More view from Cape Engaño

(Excuse our haggard look) Feelin' the air, rested for awhile. Pat and I videoed ourselves stating our promises to the people we love. Cheezy moments! Wish you were here. . . . :)
 Another Trek trail. Going to Palaui Island.

Kids from the community living in Palaui Island.

 Mud Crab! One of my unforgettable experience was, when i saw this little guy ran! He looked so funny to me :D Look he seemed to be complaining about something in this photo! He's like "Put me down!" Rak xD

Sea Urchins, Octopus, Snail, Crab and Squid, for Lunch. Sea food overload!! Healthy foods all served in one table. Iba talaga sa province :)
Plus fresh buko. Right way to prepare for our last activity.

It's my first time to wear a fin and to go snorkeling. I was nervous coz' i'm afraid of drowning. Luckily i didn't, but i was the last person who swam into the corals. (Such a loser. LOL)
I was startled when i actually saw the fishes swimming together. I even saw Dory and Nemo! (not the cartoon) There were blue starfishes, and Huge Clams. They were all fascinating.

I hope you enjoyed our Day 2. Wait for our Day 3 experience. It was epic!
Special thank you to the very accommodating Mrs. Ederlina Tagum Tourism Officer/Project dev't assistant

For information, contact: Sta. Ana Tourism Officers
Telefax: 078 858 1004/1005
E-mail: sta.ana_tourism@yahoo.com

Thanks for visiting :)


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