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This travel diary made a good impact on my blog. I'm happy because Imahenasyon is getting a lot of page views from you guys! Kilig much :P

I bet you are excited in my next post about our adventure. Here we go!
Our day 3 has been slow because of the typhoon. So we spent our day in our cottage. A whole day of talking about random stuff and scaring each other.

 Look at us all tired and sleepy but we still manage to smile and enjoy the day with Ms. Eds and others. Here's one of  our Tatay in this trip Mr. Francis T. Garduque -Police Chief Inspector/ Regional Director FlashBang
Group shot for day 3!

Moving on to Day 4! It was a refreshing day for us because the typhoon was over and the sun is showing again. It's time to go and do some water activities. Off to the dazzling beaches of Sta. Ana! 

Along our way to Nangaramuan beach we've seen this Huge field of Bakawan or Mangrove.
 We first visited this small community in Nangaramuan. Lived by Agtas or Aetas, they preferred to call them Nangaramuan Indigenous People. They told us that they just transferred in this part of the island because of the typhoon. Some of their properties have been crashed and blown by the wind. But as you can see they're able to survive. Cool people here!
I wonder what it feels like to live in a Kubo. Gonna put that to my someday to-do list.
 This clear water will be your way to reaching the Agtas community.
FYI you could drink this water :)


Every eye got a lot of different stories to share. 
Nangaramuan Beach. This is the first beach that you'll encounter, it is connected to the Anguib Beach and Pozo Robo Beach. This is open for the public to enjoy and relax.
We went here by a car. 

 We checked out their Kubos. Some got 2nd floors and some were just ordinary kubo for excursionists. It's a great place to just hangout kasi sobrang relaxing as Kubo. I wish we were able to stay overnight. When I got here I forgot the stress I had in Manila. I just want to sleep and feel the ocean breeze all day. That's how great the place is. I wish you were here my dear reader. Invite your family or friends so that you could also experience this great escapade feeling. Hahaha! 
Big rock Formation! Rak!
Trekking to Anguib Beach. I was surprised when i saw the way were heading. We passed through huge rocks, floating sea grasses, crabs, and ocean waves. 
Akala ko trekking is for bundok lang e. Pero eto nasa tabing dagat lang kami. Were lucky because low tide that time.
 Approaching to Anguib Beach!

They call it 'The Boracay of the North' because of its fine white sand and Crystal blue water. This island is owned by the Local Government Unit of Cagayan. That's why they are trying their best to preserve this island. For me they really did a great job!

The long walk and hingal from the trek was all worth it. Kasi the moment I got to the Beach I felt more excited because of the activities that we would do during our stay there.
Anguib was the best beach I've ever been so far. I really wish you will be here someday.
Also, It's a private place, great place to loosen up.

Fun under the Sun! Checkout our photo.
 Meet Ms Eds Tourism officer/ Project dev't assistant

Last stop! To Pozo Robo Beach! This beach is good for surfing and water adventures. Too bad they don't have any of it yet. But with your help maybe we could make all these things possible! 

There you go. Did you find this beaches interesting? :) Photos are not enough to tell you how magical this place can be. So you know na where to go this summer vacation! 
For more information you may contact this:

Telefax: 078 858 1004/1005
Email: sta.ana_tourism@yahoo.com

Thanks for viewing! Gonna post soon our Day 5 :)

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