Baguio Preview

6:52 AM

Touch down! Wohooo!
The annual seminar of our Department (or as we call it AD Congress) was held at Brentwood Apartelle, Baguio City last November 24-27, 2013.
It's my first time to visit Baguio and I was pretty amazed on how unique the city is, I felt like a bida in a koreanovela on TV sarap gumawa ng music video! Hahahah! Moment lang :)
But before the trip I already prepared my outfit for our 4 days info overload.
Plus a surprise guest for everyone. He's so kind and humble. aaaaaaand Handsome of course! 
Clue: He is a Fashion Blogger 
Keep reading til you know it. :)

Day 2- Free time 
I got few photos because I got so excited to post this on my blog- my other photos was still with my classmates' care. Anyway, I will still post it soon! :)
I love this sweater that i'm wearing got it from U-cay (ukay hahah!) Its colorful yet it doesn't require any accessories at all. But my brown scarf from SM Accessories (Masabi lang hahah!) compliments it good thing they got the same texture. 

 Day 2- Seminars: PSYAD, TheWalking Brands, MMK
I heard they have a contest about the Best OOTD (Oufit Of The Day) so i prepared a little. I got my long socks with me, actually i was waiting for an event to where i will be able to wear it. and ayun sa Baguio pala yun. The long wait is over. LOL!
I'm really a fan of long sleeves and sweaters gamit na gamit ko sila ngayon. Hahah!
I bought this beanie in Teachers Camp nag early buying na kami ng pasalubong can't help it. And of course with my love Vans. I want Vans for Christmas. If you know what i mean. :)
Skirt from Michaela

 Day 3- OMG, PRison Break, Nice Ass
I want something Bohemian i hope i did it somehow. 
Got my self a maxi skirt and a loose top. I still feel comfy padin though its cold because of my skirt. Also, got this bag i DIY overnight before our trip. Love doing rush DIY. The sad thing about it lang. I wasn't able to take a photo of the procedure. Anyway, madali na yun siya. Haha. 
What do you think? :)

 Day 4- Last day GALA
I won this Pullover Jacket in Prison Break i'm feeling very blessed that time kasi sa registration area ng PRison Break. I saw the jackets already and Priso were the only one who got that for prices. Then told myself i'm gonna win that jacket. And yun it happened! Law of attraction dudeeeee :)
The temperature got colder because of the rain nung morning. So I've decided to wear this cute yellow sweater. 

Before our Baguio adventure cut off i won't let it end without a BANG! :) 
TADAH!!!! David Guison in the house yow! (Nigga moments Hahaha!)
Kuya Migz told me that he will be leaving earlier so I've waited and won't let the chance slip away. Pero. . May kwento kasi jan. Kasi He went back from somewhere, then my friends told me that he was in front of our room nung wala ako (I was taking my OOTD photos that time) there were a lot of people daw taking photos with David G. Then I said ok lang mamaya pa yung moment ko. Hahaha! Then after few minutes of waiting he was with his bags and assistant aalis na sila then i got this photos with him :D
 But there's more! I was shy at first but my friend Jac pushed me to asked David a request :) 
Keep scrolling :D

OOTD Photo with David G. Both in stripes. I'm more inspired to blog now.
Thank You David Guison for granting this request. Congratulations for a great talk you did in #TheWalkingBrands. Good luck on the launching of your blog. Congrats! :)

That's all for this post. Still high whenever i remember it.
 I will be posting our Baguio adventure soon. Thank for viewing!

PS. This blog is under construction. Please bear with me :)

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