Buddy Bonding

7:47 AM

 Christmas vacation is slowly passing our lives and yeah, It's Christmas again. Time to spread more love and more bonding with friends!

 I want you to meet my ever kulot best friend. CJ Gadiane. We've been friends for like 7 years i think? Since highschool. 
I love that feeling that we're still able to get along with our friends after a long busy semester. At least once every semester vacation i guess? Hahaha! I know you feel that too. Ang sarap mag throwback with them di ba? Then after talking about the past, Planning for the future naman. I'm very glad that this guy changed a lot. Better. (aside from he got fat LOL). Very Proud BFF here!
This is not me :) It should be Jhean. Hahaha Nevermind.
 Photo-boomer alert!!!!!!! Enjoying his frap on the left side corner kuyaaaang boomer XD
 Sometimes we really need to have some distance from our friends for awhile para mas intense yung kwentuhan pag nag kita. Alam mo yun xD
 Being with this kulot made me feel so comfortable talking about random stuff that we've experienced, problems that we have and love life you know. I thank God that i have a friend like this guy. 
FYI he has a girlfriend. Pure friendship here (Defensive? xD) LOL!
Masarap mangarap kasama ang mga kaibigan :)
UP Lantern Parade on Dec 18 and Paskuhan on Dec 20 more bonding with friends. I hope we'll all have wonderful celebrations with our friends and family this vacation! 

Thanks for viewing :D

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