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We had our shoot today for our Portfolio in one of our subjects at Noveau Studio in Mediola. It was a great bond with our team. Team Beetch. I'm excited to post our photos but bawal pa e. </3
Anyway, After sa studio we still went outdoor to shoot for another set of clothes for OOTD :)

Last Sunday i was able to buy clothes na for Christmas and for the shoot. I have a tight budget but i'm happy coz' i found cool stuff that are totally worth my money.   
I already have styles in mind and I'm glad i found them perfectly just what i have imagined.

Since stripes and checkered are on the trendy scene again. I was very lucky to find this top.
I saw this checkered top from this store that i forgot the name xD Very eye catching and it's the only checkered top there so i did not hesitate to buy it. Totally worth it for 260Pesos. 
What do you think? 

and this high waist short for 75 pesos. Cute and comfortable to wear. 
DIY alert!!! I was so inspired to create more crazy stuff so i made this Dinosaur bling (FYI its glow in the dark hahahah!) I dig into my toys and found more interesting things for more DIY accessories.  Rawr :3

More DIY here. Made this Gladiator sandals. 
-Extra cloth from my past DIY clothes
-Slippers from Reva
-Black Ribbon
-Few Left brain logic for the knots
-Right brain for design
TADAH! I have a new sandals :)
and matibay siya. Hahaha.
Lastly, My cute cupcake bear earring from Sam Cabilte. (Thank you!) He bought it from Reese Lansangan at BU6. CutiePatootie :D

Credits: Jacqueline De Ungria

Thanks for viewing :D

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