Eyes on Me (DIY)

4:28 AM

Tadah! My first style post for 2014. I'm excited about this because it's also my first DIY post for this year. 

 I got inspired with the trend of patterns last year and i'm still high on getting more of it so created one for myself. If you are familiar with my Eyeball DIY see it here. You'll see my little addiction with eyes and creepy doodles.
I used acrylic paint to create my design then ironed it, so that the paint will stick to the cloth after washing. 

I got my boots from Tomato for 400 Pesos because of their 50% holiday sale! If you remember my Christmas wishlist last year. I'm happy it was granted this year. Cool way to start tuwenti potin! 

2013 has been pretty sturdy yet a life changing year for me. Well,  last year I started to go out of my box and tried to explore more about the "world"? Hahahaha and it worked! I found myself in 2013, by means of interest and work that i do for quite sometime now. I' m glad  all of this happened, good and bad memories from the past will always be my treasure. 
Sadly we have to say goodbye for 2013 'coz another year is coming and we need to make it better!
I can feel that it's going to be different, the fact that i'll be 4th year next school year. I need to focus! (said it for the nth time! Hahahah) 
Anyway, whatever happens we're still human and we need to face all of the challenges and opportunities that will come this year. So bring it on!!!! 
*Challenge Accepted* 
Thanks for viewing! :)


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