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Hello there! Did you already visit the new Mega Fashion Hall? If not you better check it out
ASAP! Coz' you'll see a lot of new possessions there from shoes, bags, dress, food, etc. All from your favorite international brands!
To make it more engaging your beloved H&M Brand engaged 3 floors in the Fashion Hall which will be opening in the month of June! 
that's exciting, right? :)

We covered the opening of the Fashion Hall Last Feb 28, 2014, for the Girliest site ever SISTERSECRETS
Before posting all about what happened in the opening and the show, I will first share my Outfit for that special event.
I've decided to wear my own theme. I choose to look a little bohemian-ish.
 I've been searching for this style and I'm so into it, coz' it looks so free and not ordinary, "different" from the usual style that I see.

 Escalator shot for OOTD :D feeling YOLO

There you go! after doing or job. We went home and fixed our stuff for our trip to Cagayan. 
After 10 hours we are here! I'm very excited about where we are going tomorrow coz' today we will be resting
and will prepare for tomorrow's activity. You know what we really don't know where we are going every time we are here (kahit 2nd-time palang namin hahaha)
Coz' it's always a surprise! that made it more exciting! We will be staying here for 5 days. 
meaning more Adventure post :) 

Thanks for viewing!

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