9:18 AM

It has been a productive Thursday for us because we've accomplished a lot today. Clap! Clap! 
Our project is to create an Advertising Campaign for Piattos potato chip snack. Last night we've finish all the brain storming and formulations of our objectives and strategies. Today we manage to finish all the materials needed for the print ads and TVCs. I was feelin' like a model with my group mates kanina. Hahahah We are not yet allowed to release this campaign yet but as soon as our defense is over i'll share it all to you guys. But for now i'll be sharing about my outfit for my character today. :)

 I am miss Roast Beef flavor.
 I am a musician here with little punk chic style and lots of black colors personifying the flavor Roast Beef.
To achieve the personality of my character I chose to wear this purple plaid skirt reflecting on the color of the packaging. Matched with this  crop top saying "Whatever" You know, like a boss. I think it added a little edge on the characters' personality that i'm rendering. Lastly, the ever cool boots from tomato completed the whole theme. 
 I'm really glad that i got this character 'coz I think this style is really me. 
What do you think? :)
Can't wait to post our photos for this shoot!
Thanks for viewing!

PS: The Campaign is for school purposes only.


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