10:44 AM

Happy Valentines Day! A day of sharing love, Clingy People hahaha, and Lots of gifts!
I hope everyone will feel extra special today. Share love and be loved friends :)

 For my Valentine post, I've decided to put a little effort on creating an interesting style post. I would like to call it DIY Photoshoot. This wouldn't be possible without my tripod and self timer setting in my cam. Trolololo!

The moment i saw this mickey mouse sweater i knew it was meant for me. LOL 
 I got this from a thrift shop in Cagayan Valley. You know Thrift shops are the stores where you could find unique clothing, its like a store for fashion experimentation. Aside from the cheap price, you know you could definitely find stuff for any style.
For those who are asking this is my secret :)
Remember: Don't be afraid to express your style, believe in yourself. People may judge you but your confidence will always be your best armor. Wear it all the time :)
Love yourself! Lets all be happy today :D

Thanks for Viewing! 

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