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 Hi there! I'm back in Manila and I am starting to work on my blog post about our trip to Cagayan Valley. We've been to a lot of places in 2 days, and the rest of our vacation were spent with the families who warmly welcomed us during our stay there. I could say that life in the province is very different. Now I understand why some people that I know loves being in the province. Coz' before, whenever I travel somewhere far from manila, I always thought about how hard they're living in that certain place could be. Because in Manila everything seems to be so close, like everything you'll need are nearly available. If you know what I mean. Right?
But now I understand why, I learned that the best thing that you could do is be contented on what you have, and be just resourceful. I mean we could appreciate the value of something if we just open our eyes to other possibilities diba?. Drama! hahaha!

We went to IGUIG the fourth class municipality in the province of Cagayan. It took 45mins -1hour ride by car from Tuguegarao city to the said municipality. We visited Calvary Hills, St. Claire Parish and Callao Cave in Peñablanca. For now, I'll be sharing about our trip in the two sacred spots we've been. 

 1st stop Calvary Hill. We've calmed down from extreme activities this time. The officials decided to show us Calvary Hills, where The 14 life size statuary of The Stations of the Cross depicting Jesus Christ's suffering before his death in Mount Calvary were built.

Beside the entrance of the Calvary Hills. You'll first see the Iguig Church dedicated to its Patron, St James.  
This church was built using red bricks; from 1765-1787. 
 Because of its baroque style inspired architectural design. They say that it is the only church that has a flying buttress located at the back supporting the structure.

Calvary hills are popular during the holy week where thousands of devotees from different places like Marikina, San Pablo, Davao, etc come here every year. We interviewed Parish Priest  Fr. Carlos Evangelista, he said that the estimated number of devotees came here last year were 400,000 people.
That's a huge number! The hill was indeed perfectly built for its numerous devotees.
Green field sited in the top of the mountain. Amusing ei?
I was mesmerized by the view. You'll see here the formation of each station, from 1st to last circling the Hill.
We must start from the right side of the church.
This is the view from the back of the Iguig church. I ran in the middle of the field and saw this scenic view from behind. The 14 stations were built in 1982 conceived by Parish Priest Rogelio Cortez.
Aside from this, the place also highlighted a three century old well, located in front of the church, and you could also see the breathtaking view of Cagayan Valley River, best seen at the back of the 12th station. 
Here are some of the stations.
Third Station

Seventh Station

Eighth Station

Twelveth station. Behind is the Cagayan Valley River. 

Fifth Station

Last station

This is the representation of the Bread and Wine; Body and Blood.

3 century old well

 There is no entrance required in Calvary Hills. But for those kind hearts, the Calvary Hills is accepting donations for the maintenance of the place. Let us not put into waste that effort that people gave to built this sanctuary. What a beautiful place right?
 Visit this place and just have a peaceful mind and reflect for awhile.
The Holy week will be on April, Plus summer vacation that will be the great time to be here.

On our way to our next destination.
I see blue, brown and lots of green colors. Inhale fresh air and exhale good vibes. Playing my favorite songs. Hair flying and brushing in my face. Plus deep day dreaming. Adventure Life! Ang saya :)
Do you feel me? I know you also want to have your own vacation.
Don't forget to explore Cagayan Valley this Summer!

We passed through this Pottery store. Named Lorna's Pottery.
 Iguig is The Pottery Center of Cagayan Valley.
Pottery industry in this municipality started during Pre-war days and survived the devastation in World War II. That was the time the Pottery Industry made its way to the scene. 
The bricks & pottery is now the identified project of the municipality under the One Town One Product (OTOP). 
 I've easily noticed the design of this pot. Triangle and patterns are very cute! at least not just for clothes.
The price range of this products is very affordable. For the huge pots used for cooking, they sell it from 200-250 pesos. Some pots for plants and storage purposes they sell it for 100 pesos and below. And for the cute ones they sell it for 20 pesos and below only.

There were a lot of different useful pots formed and designed here. Too bad we didn't get a chance to experience how to create one. But we brought home some cute pots though.

Our last destination in Iguig.

Poor Clare Monastery of the Eucharistic Lord

St. Claire of Assisi. The church was closed when we got there but the area for devotions are open and still receiving letters and offerings that day.
I was startled by how the churches in Iguig was constructed. The location and decor of each shrine was situated in hills and high sections in the municipality. This adds to the atmosphere for earnest praying.
The figures of the stations of the cross were placed outside the church. This can be seen in front of the church. 

Natural light lit the inside of the church, the interior of the church were clean and simple.
We didn't have much time to stay here. We wrote our devotions and took some photos and pray for awhile.

There you go! Til my next post. I will be sharing about our trip to Callao Cave. Yeah, we've been to a cave!
 I wish you are excited about that coz' I am. I will be needing your imaginations. I think we could have a little game next time. :)

Thanks for viewing!

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