Smile Crazy

7:08 AM

Hello! I  haven't posted anything yet about style and ootd since last week. So, here a little laid back outfit i had. I wore this at Philosophy grand opening at Mega Fashion Hall, Last month. And now i just realized how time travel so fast. 
We've been busy this past few weeks because of our event and deadlines for school stuff. Plus I started my OJT 2 weeks ago. that's why I didn't have time to shoot for new style post. Hahaha
Anyway, Did you notice?shorter hair for me!!! To be honest I don't know if i would be happy or disappointed with this cut. I look tibo at some point. Hahah! for those who are asking, I'm a girl (I have a crush actually LOL Landi -.-) 
Sooooo, what do you think about this cut? Bagay ba? xD I need encouragements. Hahaha Feeling down. LOL 
Ayun, more busy week ahead of us. Hopefully I will be able finish my DIY craft before summer vacation. Super exciting project!
Goodluck guys! Let's survive finals :)

Thanks for Viewing! 

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