I'm over 18

3:22 AM

Totally over 18 and I'm in the thin lining between being a teenager and the age going to adulthood can you believe that? time is running so fast!
My plan for tomorrow will just be simple, small bonding in the house with mom and maybe some of my friends nearby. It's holy week what can I do? But I know it will be fun. 
Well, my wish for this birthday will be to have a happy family this year. That things will change the way they are right now. So that my life would become more inspiring and interesting. Love life? I know you are there, wish you are better see you soon kung sino ka man xD And of course a great future ahead of us. 1 year to go and goodbye student life. I'm excited for change!

Since this is an special occasion in my life. I made a new entry for my style post made uniquely for my birthday. I was thinking about a lot of different concepts that we could do, considering the time and budget for the production. Hahahah lakas maka prod xD
This is what I came up. I love black and edgy look if you've noticed that, plus patterns and prints. This time I played with lines and monochromatic effect. It's like saying I'm over 18, I'm aging but hey I'm better, edgier, and more confident this time. Hahaha
DIY alert! Cropped top is definitely my favorite style. Enough with skater skirts this year. It's time to experiment more on maxi and bandage skirts. You know a little show off of that curves and shapes we got somewhere there in our bodies. I'm not getting any younger and so are you my friend. We need to level up!
There you go. I hope you enjoyed this style I got for my birthday. 
Thanks for viewing and celebrating with me :)
Credit to my cousins Meliza and Gian hart hart

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