Kimono (DIY)

12:50 PM

I'm getting addicted in this DIY thingy that I'm doing for quite sometime now. From old clothes, recycled materials and accessories. I've started buying materials for the clothes that I would want to wear. Instead of getting crazy looking for that certain design that I want which most of the time I couldn't find.Why not create our own version of almost everything. hahah OA lang. 
Anyway, my mom  helped in sewing this kimono because its a rush DIY outfit, which I will wear the next day. Funny kasi even si mommy naki'jam sa pag tatahi sakin. We finished it after 3 hours, then takbo na ko diretso overnight. Hahaha. Hay fashion why are you doing this to me. 
I bought this cloth in Divisoria for 150 pesos 2 yards. In creating a kimono you will really need at least 2 yards of cloth depending on your body size. Then do the magic of cutting and sewing. I wasn't able to take photos of the procedure e kasi rush. XD
Almost all my DIY are rush. Hahah
So there, I'm preparing a blog post for my birthday on April 18. Ehem! Try not to forget that date, I'm accepting gifts in kind or in cash. LOL just kiding sweet greetings will do. hohohoho
I still have a lot to post pero medyo mabagal ang usad. 
Thanks for viewing! :)

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