Multimedia Arts Festival 2014

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Going out and exploring the world is my new thing now. That's why when I first saw this poster on facebook I got really interested and with the fact that it's for free there'll be no other option but to go. Woohoo!

The multimedia Arts Festival happened last April 3-5 at SMX Convention Center , Hall 1. It is an event that showcase a collection of multisensory and individual concepts.
It features Multimedia Installations made to create a simulated experience of innovative design and art.
The exhibitwas participated by 9 groups of Multumedia Arts student from College of Saint Benilde. 

In no particular order.
Kalye Berde is an exhibit that presents optimistic perspective by doing social multimedia design and utilizing moss as our spotlight medium as form of innovation of the group. Kalye Berde is a Filipino term for "a green street" which also defines an environmental thoroughfare of the public.

Tad Balik or Baliktad  is an exhibit that will turn the world upside down and open doors to what ifs and impossibilities in the normal world we live in. It showcases artworks that will play along the words of irony and opposites.
This was my favorite booth in the event because from their artwork they have interactive games that entertains their visitors. 

These artworks are made by "from the ground up" -is an exhibit about urban beautification. Using our multimedia background, we will design street future to not only beautify our local community, but to help inspire everyone to take steps in bettering our surroundings and to achieve a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. This is our responsibility, a job that we all share, ans to star a change in our community, we must first start to change in us. 


Vantage Point is an exhibit aiming ti play around the ideas of perspective, projection and optical illusion through multimedia artworks that will make effective use of different geometric patterns and shapes. It intends not only to spark curiosity but to encourage the audience to look at things in way different from what they re used to in order to appreciate things in a deeper sense.

Surge is an exhibit that will give the common things something to shout about. It will re-imagine the most mundane things into something worth looking at. In showcasing their creative installations, the multimedia exhibit will highlight how they can re-imagine and take everyday objects and transform then into works of art.

Meridiem is an exhibit of perspective and how human outlook has created standards in society. The exhibit plays on the idea of "giving light to the subject" by making light or the lack of light a medium of giving another side to a certain subject matter.

Cousin Gian
Flappy elephant in TadBalik

My cousin meliza
Continuum is a multimedia arts exhibit that explores and transcends the concept of tie by showcasing a space of timelessness and juxtaposing the past, the present and the future through the works of 19 visual artist of De La Salle -College of Saint Benilde.

Error 404 is an exhibit to appreciate the beauty of glitches and errors in art. The exhibit is inspired by the era of Windows 98 and Vapor wave. The exhibit will shoe it is perfect in their own way. The exhibit will highlight the creativity and skills of multimedia artists, and tackles the issues of influences by means of graphic design, fashion, cinema graph, augmented reality and performance art.

For the rest of the photo I got. These are some of the interesting artwork we like. 

This artwork caught my attention. The witty idea of changing positions between human and animal was a funny impose.

The expression of ideas and emotions were never ending. This is the reason why I like art. for me its the most essential element in life. 
Through traditional, digital and handicraft all messages could be expressed freely. 
In my own observation of art there is no definite description of beauty. Everything that was formed by the other can be defined as beauty.
Lets spread creativity everyday. 
Thanks for viewing! :)

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