10:08 PM

It's my first time to doodle in Photoshop. It's quite easy 'coz I used a Pen Tab to draw this lines. 
This past few months I felt really lazy on doing artsy craft in traditional and in digital. I dunno nakakatamad lang talaga tapos ang busy pa, medyo di pa ko inspired. LOL 
But, I thought about time. I shouldn't be wasting my time on non sense stuff. Kaya yun I'm back on creating again. 
This is actually a request of My blogger friend Pat for her birthday. And I'm glad she liked it. 
I'm not an expert or something but I like doing random designs. I still need a critique from other people for changes and improvements. I will be happy if you'll help me.
What do you think? 
Thanks for viewing! :)

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