We Only Live Once

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I choose to title this post "We Only Live Once" coz it's the last summer that were students. Next year our summer vacation will be way different from now, because Its gonna be our graduation "season". 
Most of us might have their own plans on spending it somewhere or with someone. Well I guess we'll be celebrating our summer vacation finding our jobs and applying to different companies. I hope not. My goal is to get hired before graduating College. hahah
Close to living the independent life. Woo! Nakakakaba na exciting. But that's how the society dictates our life process. 
How I wish well all have freedom to just party and spend the day without think about the real issues in the world. I know you know what I'm talking about. LOL
 Tadah! Burot beach in Calatagan Batangas
 The beach is not really that big but the view was stunning. If you'll go around the island you'll still see fish, sea urchins, starfish, and other sea creatures (that creep-ed me out.) Ang paranoid ko lang non, not including the fish. LOL
We swim far from the shore reaching this rocks where it happened to be our instant tambayan during our stay. hahah!

 The team building our tents. Good thing Lloyd (blue jersey) brought tents for us.
We stayed somewhere far from the crowded tents and glad we had a great spot just right here. There were no fancy comfort rooms for everyone, which also made this as a really good spot for us. LOL
After we finished building our tents. We started to prepare our lunch.
We wrote our names in the cups coz we don't have other drinking cups. Kailangan namin mag survive. Hahaha!

This trip is actually a low budget outing but it was an adventure! 
We had 800 pesos each for the transportation and entrance fee overnight stay. 
The thing that made this trip really exciting is because Burot Beach is not really a resort. They don't have formal accommodations of cottages and restaurants. 
You have to bring you own tent or anything that you could  use as your cottage.
some brought there cars and some built big tents and tables.

Fun photos with the gang!

 Henna Tatooooooo

 My favorite time of the day. Sunset.

 The sun was gone its time for party. Foodtrip and chitchat magdamag. Bonfire plus tent plus stars plus food. It was an awesome night. New thing for us.

We slept around 2am then woke up around 8am then took our  last deep.
Solve na ko sa trip na to this summer. I'm happy coz na sulit ko yung summer vacation na to with friends and family. I was able to see my classmates from elementary reunion and masayang bonding, this swimming, party with college friends and random meet ups with high school buddies.
Surely my summer will change next year. This vacation I learned that in order to fully enjoy this life we need to let go of the things that is bothering us and hurting us. Let go of whats pulling  you away from real fun. As long as your not breaking any rules be happy and keep experimenting. I wont be saying goodbye to the fun party but I will just prepare first for bigger surprises. Hello reality na ko sa June 9. I hope everyone also had a great summer this year. 

Little help if you would want to go to Burot Beach.
Transportation Direction and Cost:
-Ride a bus beside the Gil Puyat station. 
-What we did was from Marikina we took LRT from Katipunan - Recto Station. From the station ride a jeep going to Gil Puyat Station.
-Bus fare from Gil Puyat -Liyan 125 student fare.
-Jeepney fare from Liyan -Burot Beach 100 pesos per head.
or Jeepney from Liyan-Calatagan 40 per head then Tricycle to Burot Beach 150 pesos per ride. 

Another route:
-Beside Taft station finding Kabayan Hotel you could ride a van going straight to Calatagan for 180 Pesos
-Tricycle to Burot Beach 150 pesos per ride.

Entrance fees:
Day tour- 65
Overnight- 130
Thanks for viewing! :)

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