3:25 AM

 It's funny how our week is getting hectic nowadays yet we still find time to hangout and feel like there's no other things to do in reality.
A day like this is always my favorite. I dunno what to call it but I know days like this is always an awesome day.
We go out to go to places that we never been before and just explore what's in for us.
 This time we went to The Collective at Ayala. It was a kind of a place that I think everyone would love to hangout. The place was filled of stores about  music and art. Stores for skateboards, ukalele, exhibit, Tees, and etc. there are also restaurants around the area.
Inspiration is actually everywhere in this place. While staring at the artworks and murals posted around I was in awe on how this people could certainly thought of those pieces. Because of this I am more inspired to create and express my thoughts through this kind of medium. 
Someday I want my work to be featured in a place like this. You might wanna know how to get here.
First you ride a bus then go down to Paseo De Roxas or in  Pasong Tamo then find Maluggay St. once you've seen it, walk straight then The Collective will be just in the Corner. 
We will be going there again on July 5 Saturday 8pm for the Monumentour Night a Tribute for the band Paramore and Fall Out Boys. It's going to a rockin night! See you there! :)

Thanks for viewing!

Credits to Jacqueline and Sam

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