Ignore Judgement

1:29 AM

Edgy look for a cloudy afternoon last Monday. We went to Azumi Botique Hotel for our "Sisterhood" project. I was actually assigned to take pictures of this said project. 
Well, lately I am not able to shoot anything for my style category 'coz I chose to wear easy outfit for my regular school days. That's why I'm really excited to post this mix and match style that I had. 
Maybe you've seen this clothes before, I tried matching these pieces into a different perspective. Maxi skirt is really my thing and I found it edgy and unique whenever i'm wearing it. If you're a regular reader of this blog you'll notice that I don't usually pair my skirts with sandals or doll shoes. Now I used my black sole shoes to put a statement on this chic look. Of a course, cropped top the best match with maxi skirts I'm glad that it's still on trend, also a scarf to create a bohemianish vibe. 
What do you think?

Thanks for viewing :)

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