Symbolo 2014

12:28 PM

Hello! It has been a crazy week, school projects and OJT all at the same time. I didn't expect that senior year would become this stressful. Thank God di uso thesis samin. But more on campaign and event projects. Which will also cause lots of spending. 
Anyway,  against all of these never ending projects. Our department was still able to release those stressful energy and just have fun.  
Last Augst 26, 2014 we held our annual acquaintance party this year it's entilted "Symbolo" Live your Mark! at Area5,Tomas Morato. The concept of the party was aztec designs, Aztec inspired and or any pattern design. Pretty cool right?
For people who loves patterns like me, this is an axciting event to play with clothes and choose whatever suits your style.
 This is my entry for their given theme. Since patterns are loud designs. I choose to match with plain colors and simple cuts. I want something that would look free and appealing. I found this cardigan in a thrift shop at Riverbanks Center. This boho cardigan had me at 75 pesos. Good find right? 
 In choosing my clothes I'm not really particular on which brand to buy or to whom should I buy. As long as it fits the look and style that I'm visualizing it will be perfect. You wanna know how I create my style? 
 First, I rely on my mood on what attitude that I want to portray. If I want to be girly, edgy, grunge, or boho. 
Second, I check out my clothes daily. See if I could mix and match my clothes depending on the style that I want to do. Well clothes are just clothes right? It's still us who gives life to it. On how we wear it and carry it around the Metro right?
Third, I act like a paper doll. I try all my options if it fits my mood and confidence at the same time. Hahaha Well they say that you should be confident if you want to be weird. Then, whenever I see that a certain style looks cool enough and I'm comfortable wearing it, I'm good to go. Choosing my everyday look is challenging yet a fun habit. 
Maybe you've noticed I tied my hair up. I want my hair to grow long this time. Enough with short hair style and boyish look. I wanna experiment new style. What do you think? 
DIY alert. If things don't work out exactly the way you want it to be. The only solution is to create your own and hope for the best. Hahaha! DIY cropped top.

I know I said this before but body size is really important, many people say that only petite girls could be fashionable coz most of the pretty clothes fit them. For me, It doesn't matter as long as you know your body's advantage on which you should give emphasis and which body part that you should hide, things will work out just right for you. That's why I chose to match this cardigan to a bandage skirt and a cropped top, because I gave emphasis to what can be seen inside these patterns. That I guess put some balance on how it will fall when I wear it.
There's no secret on being stylish or fashionista. I guess the only thing that must be applied is to become yourself, and be original. 

Before anything else of course I took OOTD before going to the party that night. 

After the prep we are ready to party. I uploaded few photos.

Meet my friends sam and lara

We came in late. The place was a little big for us but It was perfect because Theres a lot of things going on.
The bar is open for unlimeted drinks that night. wohoo!

 Meet more of my classmates.

 Mejo bitin but It was an awesome night celebrating ADPR life with these people. Senior year, few months to go. I'll miss being a student for sure. Don't we all? hahaha
There you go. Thanks for viewing :)

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