Life doesn't have to be. . .

11:37 PM

I thought I know almost everything about love, but not when I finally watched The Fault in Our Stars. I have read the book for like 2 years ago, and I was stirred by their story. John Green have a great world inside his head for creating an epic love story like that. I'm a slow reader when it comes on reading novel books, and I would say that the story really interest me coz I read it for like only 2 days. that was my fastest up until now. Hahaha and funny coz I cried over a book because it was not a "happily ever after" thing not with what I  have expected the way it will end. I like imagining things over and over coz it seems like everything is possible. So when I'm finally watching the film I was joyous that It's almost exactly what I have imagined. Augustus Water is an amazing guy. Well for me he's perfect. hahaha!
The next morning I watch the trailer and saw this quote from the movie. I totally agreed to it. For two people who's not in the normal set up of life, love would definitely lead them to a different stir. I just thought of this realization over some circumstances that I'm in right now.
we need to appreciate what's given to us and don't ask for other things that we don't necessarily need. Sometimes what we have is enough to make this life memorable, then maybe we'll be happy. 
Well yeah books and movies are great story tellers, glad we still have a place to escape from reality. I want to read more stories. 
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