Best Selling Adobo Campaign 2nd Serving 2014

7:06 AM

Hello! It has been a very busy month for me and I admit that I lost track of my blogging duties, but now 1st sem is over Hello to Semester Break!
I will definitely use this 2 weeks vacation to catch up my blog post and artsy habits. 
This is one of the reasons why I've been really busy, we're loaded a lot of campaign projects and exams and It was all stressful. I mean you can't create a campaign overnight right? 
We had our Mini Adclash again which happened last Saturday October 18 at Hasmin Building, PUP. It was called "Mini Adclash" because it is somehow a practice test for the upcoming big event in our college the AdClash it is a competition of all 4th year students to create a campaign for a specific client with full efforts on IMC and Creative output. Well, this AdClash is our gate out of college so we really have to do it. It was pretty exciting though. 
For now, our client for this Mini Adclash is Adobo Conncection a fast casual restaurant that specializes Adobo dishes. This is the Print Ad that I made for our campaign. All food shots was also taken by your truly. 
Even though we didn't won all efforts are still worth it. After all we learned a lot of things and it was still a great experience. I'm still glad that our section was still able to win a place I'm still a proud 1stambay. 

Ps: Yes that's my mom

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