Life Color

8:27 AM

Afternoon habit. Practicing colors and a different medium today. Watercolor. Yesterday we went to a little gathering of few artists from Antipolo and some from other part of the Philippines. We took photos and had a short lecture from the Pro about colors for painting. Yesterday was really an inspiring day to learn and squeeze creative juices.
 Today I made one out of the inspiration I had yesterday. 
I wish that I could hang out with them more often kasi I want to be inspired everyday and also to inspire other people to whenever they checkout this blog. 
Actually that's really my goal on having this blog to give inspiration that everything is possible. We could create things and make all dreams happen. 
Anyway, I will be blogging about them soon specially about their upcoming event which will be held on SM Taytay. Do come and be inspired as well.
I hope you'll be inspired everyday :)

BTW, I will be out of Manila for 3 days we'll be going back to Sta Ana to shoot more adventures for the website. Instant vacation for sembreak! but I still have all my new post ready na I have lots of new styles coming. 
I hope you'll be excited for that :)

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