ARTipolo: Art Group Exhibit

7:55 AM

One of the greatest way to end the year is to be inspired and express your talents thru art. This can be an amazing new year's resolution for everyone of us.
On December 5, 2014 3:00 pm til December 20, 2014 the newfangled group of artists ARTipolo will be sharing their talents and inspirations at SM City Masinag. 
They will showcase creative artworks, lessons in life, and influences by an open exhibit to every inspirited filipino artist in the Metro.

ARTipolo is a combined word of "Antipolo and Art" It is a group compose of  various artists from Antipolo City, but to fulfill a better mission, ARTipolo also opened the group for artists from different part of the philippines. Lead by beloved filipino artists Fernando Sena Father of filipino art, Pol Mesina Jr., Remy Boquiren and a lot more.  
ARTipolo is devoted on spreading the vision that filipino art should flourish from time to time. They want to show a vivid interpretation that filipinos could create impossible things, make ideas happen and develop a souped up country thru art, at the same time outgrow well known artist on the future. 
Here are some of the artworks of our filipino artists in ARTipolo.
Fernando Sena

Fernando Sena Artwork

Fernando Sena Artwork
Remy Boquiren

Remy Boquiren

Remy Boquiren
Noel Mahilum
Noel Mahilum Artwork

Noel Mahilum Artwork

ARTipolo welcome different type of art from painting, sculpting, sketch and etc. they also have art sessions where your favorite artist will teach you personally. 
This is an exciting event for everyone!
 Don't miss the opening on December 5, 2014, 3:00pm at SM City Masinag. 

Visit and like their Facebook page here for the updates of the event and their current art sessions. 
See you there :)

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