Paisley 23

10:22 AM

Hello! I got a new favorite kimono from Pop Style Manila. A new to my choices.
 It is still in the line of patterns and prints that I love hahaha but this type is new to me. Paisley a droplet-shaped vegetable motif that shows fun and girly vibe to women nowadays. 
But today, I want my paisley kimono to be on the soft grunge style, which also compliments the personality of my hair color today. It appears to me that this kimono can be added to my bohemian style collection. Hooray! :) with that I tried experimenting again and reinvent this jersey to become a dress. What do you think? :)
 I don't want to waste clothes and just throw them away even it's your Dads polo, Moms skirt, Bro's jersey or pants. Those stuff can become a real new fashion trend! Hello right brain creativity! Originality is important. In that way we could show how confident we are about our selves and the things we do. So for me it's a must. Don't be a copy cat find inspiration and do your own version. Everything is actually almost given and made, but creativity is endless we could create impossible style right? 
What do you think of this new look? :)

Pop style Manila got new styles from their collections. This kimono comes with different patterns and colors. Their dresses are pretty too! There have clothes for different sizes, for kids, accessories and even for men. For women who are interested to shop or start their own clothing business you should definitely checkout Pop Style Manila!
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Credits to Imelda Cayago

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