4:48 AM

Hello! I entitled this blog post "ink" coz I got my second tattoo! The first one was small moon and star in my left hand middle finger. 
So maybe you are asking why I had a tattoo? Well, base on what I have heard from my friends, tattoo artist and other people I talked with. Some say tattoo is a sign of something really relevant to them, some say it's art, some say it's bad coz it's permanent and you can't donate blood. LOL FYI after 1 year the ink in the blood will be gone. 
I've decided to have a tattoo because to me it's a sign that I've totally moved on from everything that hurt and made me sad in past. Family, love, friends. I mean it's time to create my new chapter but not from the same perspective. The design which I made to make it more special; a dream-catcher, They say it catches your bad dreams, but to me a dreamcatcher is a sign of hope and reality. I may sound deep here but the truth is it gives me hope to become strong on reaching my impossible dreams and make it to reality and live in that moment. This actually helped on being more confident on what I believe in. More expressive in doing my own art. I know everyone of us are in search of them selves asking your self who you are in this world. Well it also helped me in finding answers of who I want to become. 

If you also want get inked. Please do checkout his facebook page and schedule your own tatoo session. 
I  got a great tattoo artist friend Lance Esteban who inked this masterpiece. 

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