Fresh Start

12:37 AM

First post for 2015! I think it's about time to try new style for this year. I celebrated my new year with my mom and my dog plus our neighbors where we stayed up til morning with drinks and games.
I have a strong feeling that this year will be way different from the past years. It's my graduation year, few months to go and I have to start living the new life of a full grown adult. Scary but exciting. I've got few plans ahead and I wish things will fall into place just right.
This year I don't want to miss anything happy and fun. I'm going to live 2015 with artsy life and real promises. New friends and this year I'll make sure it's for keeps. Less drama and issues. No pretending just true me. I'll burn insecurities and turn them into inspirations. I'll make this happen in 2015. I wish you'll have a great start this year! :)

Skirt- PopStyle Manila 

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