The living room

6:26 AM

Waddup! I made some changes in our living room. I took advantage of the time when the pope was here and there were no classes, I'm at home I thought of doing some changes in our house and added a little twist with ambiance inside. 

I wanna share my inspiration to this. As you may observe with the style that I do in art. I love doodling, riot, random figures, crowded designs. To me I'm just not contended on a simple subject I always feel like theres something missing. That's why I doodled our living room, now not with cute cartoons. I want to show character and symbols, I don't want to hard sell the message of each images. The human like character in the middle stands for the name of our family which is strong and confident. My dog was there, My cat, and some elements that I always want to see the sun and the moon. The sign of opposite world and complication. 
Most of the time the reaction I see and here to other people when they see this they would say "wala ka nanaman magawa." I don't know what to feel when they say that, but honestly part of me felt sad about it cause they didn't appreciate it, but also part of me feels meh coz I'm glad I did it. I guess we just have our own ways of expressing what we feel about our selves. So to weird thinker keep doing what you love to do. We are unique in our own way always. Thanks for viewing! :)

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