ARTipolo group Launch

10:15 PM

Hello! even before the year ends blessing and opportunity are still coming my way which made me appreciate 2014 a little bit more. This year has been a tough year for me because of numerous reasons, but I guess the top reason  would be because it is the beginning of my senior year. There are a lot to be done and to work with all at once. Multitasking level 4000 hahaha.
Anyway, I would like to share about this huge opportunity given to me and my friend ramel to become an official member in this new group that we are in. And by group I mean art group. Group of various artist mainly from antipolo also from other locations in the Philippines. I would like to give thanks to our mentor Jayson Tejada for inviting us and to become a part of this awesome group. I am grateful because I am able to get along and learn from our senior artist and get exposed to inspirations when it comes to art. 
Last December 5, 2014 we had our Group launching at SM Masinag. Entitled: ARTipolo An Art Exhibition. Also, the purpose of our event is to help  HAPLOS foundation to gather funds for our hopeful friends in their organization.

The launching were participated by some of the government official of Antipolo.

Pol Mesina Jr.
Mr. Pol shared about the humble beginnings of the group and current projects that we are working on.

The officers of the group stating their vows on becoming the offial officers of the group.

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