9:48 AM

I  tried to have a better photo but we're so late for the event that's why we only have our OOTN photos inside our room. But I guess I'll shoot a creative on next time.
Anyway, we had our ball entitled: The Golden Voyage organized by our 3rd-year ADPR batch 3-1N at Marikina Hotel.
I was very excited for this event because after so many years I will be attending again a real formal event of party and fantasy. I always want that feeling of imagining something magical, royalty and romance. Just like in the movies, and I believe that it's possible to happen with this kind of event. I was so excited that I designed my own gown for this special gathering with ADPR peeps. 
I want something princess type, a gown that will show sophistication and royalty. I'm not really educated with sewing term or cloth names, but this how exactly I wanted it to be. Clap to our Mama Zenny who made this gown for me. This only cost me 1500 Php. So what do you think? :) 

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