7:41 AM

Hoooray fo new style post! I just realized that since we have finished college and we will be entering our new lives apart. It's going to be difficult to shoot for my blog post because friends will be busy now. I must think of a solution to this. I missed this shooting and posting for my style post. A little update for what I've been up to this past few months. I was researching more about of coachella/bohemian and Grunge. I 'm still figuring out where I could buy legit stuff for those styles and recently I just found this tribu shop in divisoria where in they sell accessories made from animal skin, trees, and beads. I bought one. The one that I am wearing. Lots of cool accessories to get crazy with. Also, I found some store in riverbanks and cubao expo where they sell dream catcher and printed aztec and batic designed clothes. For grunge still looking for the right clothes to buy. I guess that's all for now. 
Hey! Reality check I'm not a student anymore. wow. 

PS: Yes, I'm getting fat.

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