Artistic Desire

6:10 AM

Hi! I’m sort of back in blogging now, coz I’ve been busy with work this past few weeks. Yes! I have job now I know right funny. But yea one thing I realize is that things really do change after college. Well I like college more. Warning don’t become an adult. Just kidding.
Anyway, life lately I’ve been painting; preparing for our upcoming exhibits this month and for December. So I’m like a serious AE by day and Artist by night. It was pretty wild but I’m glad somehow I am still able to do two things at the same time. But yeah, I’ve been missing posting about my outfit and playing dress up. I actually have a lot plans for my new blog posts but I don’t have enough time to make it all happen in a snap. That’s why I am very thankful that I have my friend because our interests are very similar and our minds are ridiculously identical. We shoot for this new concept Bea my friend agreed to be my model. Horay!
This theme is actually a visual representation of passion and desire.  Lately I want get out of reality I just thought it was way too much for me and I’m missing my imaginary world. The world where I just think of things I want to create and things that are impossible to be in reality. So deep hahaha!
This concept is about doing what you really want and what makes you happy. Being in that places where you are able to express and just be yourself and not faking anything around you.
Passion; It is the passion that keeps us alive, that keeps our heart scream about what want to portray. The desire of the heart that makes our eyes glow, our body move and our soul to rejoice. It is actually the transparency of us as humans and the artificial emotion of art. Freedom of being who you are.

PS. Sorry If you may find this crazy but I hope you consider art before judgement.
Thank you!  

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