Off to Outer Space

7:54 AM

 It was a goofy day with blogger buddies. It is the first time that we meet each other since we graduated from college and have our own jobs, and yeah we grew up so fast. So no hesitations when we planned for this shoot. I missed this team and also the other friends that we have. I missed college actually.
People say high school was the happiest stage of your school life but for me, it was college because in college you are allowed to do more things and experience new things inside and outside the school plus the perks of being a student. You are excused to be included on adult issues, well most of the time. Also, college is the stage where you are able to determine what you really want and who would want to become. It’s your choice to decide where you’ll be. As for me, I am happy for who I am right now, for the friends I have, and also for the type people that they are, that we are. I know we have our own different form of friendships but for me, I am contended with the friends I have. I mean man seriously they are awesome humans! Hahaha!
Advice to the youth: Don’t rush growing up. Yea it will be great to do things now than later but that’s the point of enjoying life. We must take every stage for us to learn and have memories to cherish. So enjoy school life because one day you’ll miss it too.
Sooooo we went to BGC (Bonifacio Global City, Taguig) and hunt for the famous murals made by some international artist and also some our great local artists to shoot and take our discoveries to blogging and share it to the world. Yea it’s wild. Hahaha!  You to should visit and explore this art in the Metro.
My style for this was pretty connected with the mural we’ll actually I considered the color and the theme that I will do for this. Glad to see this monochromatic illustration to fit my dress. I got nothing more to say because I just enjoyed this day with my friends. The end.

Dress- Thrift shop
Shoes- Classie Shoppe Ph

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