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Hey! I entitled this blog post stranger because I had an encounter with the ‘Never the stranger’ where the half purpose of their music is to actually make strangers become not strangers anymore. That's why they are called Never the stranger. Cool right? Hahaha!
So ‘Never the stranger’ are not so strangers to me now. Did that make sense? Hahaha
Anyway, I had a great day because it’s holiday it means no work plus the freedom to do anything that I want. Hooray!
Well, I spent my time doing stuff for my blog that includes shooting for a new outfit and go out to watch a gig. 

This outfit is the soft curve to a new set of clothing that I would want to try now. I’m not getting any younger or so they say, but yeah I think style improves every now and then. I feel little grunge today more of an edgy look for a gig to go to. If you’ve been checking out my blog you’ll notice that I don’t really like 'wearing pants coz it doesn’t fit me that well. For this, I want to call it Boyfriend’s jeans but It’s actually my mom's pants and I don’t have a “boyfriend” to name it that way (Hahaha!) so I will call it “Mom’s Jeans”. I found it really comfy and unique at some point because I am able to reinvent the sense of this piece. 

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Well, we don’t have to be very magastos with our clothes right. Though it really requires a budget to get things done, but in fashion, we could always be creative and resourceful on what we will wear I think that made styling more interesting. We will be able to find a new purpose for the thing we have already. That’s originality x creativity all in one.
Dressing up is not really expensive we just have to connect things for a more unique output.

Lloyd and I went to UP Diliman wala lang hang out lang then we went to UPTown center to watch the College Collision Conquer. It is actually a battle of various bands from UP where they’ll play 2 original songs and 1 cover song. It was an awesome experience kasi it’s an open genre music competition so they’re all in a different kind of music and they are all good. 

Ace Libre on Vocals and Nash Ignacio on drums

Coooool band!
Never the stranger was first to perform and ended their set with moving closer. Nakakakilig talaga yun pag live. Hahaha!
Followed by the rest of the contestants. Here are some of them.

The event was ended by Ang Bandang Shirley where the people really run in front to sing along. It was crazy!

That's my holiday. I hope you had fun too :)

Hat- Bought from Quezon
Top- Thrift Shop
Jeans- Mom's
Shoes- Classie shoppe ph

Photo credits: Lloyd Libranda
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