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I am very excited to share about our trip in Cebu two weeks ago. Late blog post (I know haha!) 
We actually went there for work but I'm glad we still had time to drive around and join the trending Sinulog Festival. 
To be honest, I am more of an excursionist than a traveler, but after this trip, I got my new year's resolution written in. 
I have this Starwars Project or so we call it "Starwars set up" that we need to install at SM Seaside, that's why we flew to Cebu. Luckily, it's Sinulog week same week with our installation Schedule. Horaaay for me! Who would not want to go to Cebu in that week of celebration right? haha!

We've started our Saturday, Jan 16 around 9 am, most of the roads are closed for the parade, so we have to walk the long road to see the actual parade. Our energy is still high because it is our first time and we are very excited about the all the possible things that could happen that day.

Starwars X Sto Nino witty Cebuano!

Selfie with the Characters

As we walk further we hear whistles counting, and actually, see their well-crafted costumes and props. I couldn't remember the street where we've started walking but we ended up somewhere in Robinsons. Well, sometime it's fun if you just go with flow right? haha!

And then we've started taking selfies. The participants are very approachable and game to socialize with us. I even ask them to act for me for my video documentation! Sweet Cebuano/cebuanas.
Most of them asked me if I am Korean so they all talked to me in foreign language. Man! Tagalog po. hahaha! 

We are very lucky to walk together with performers during the parade. Very tourista shot right there!

If you want to experience the Sinulog Festival next year you should prepare everything that you need. Water you need water hahaha! but there are a lot of mini stalls they are selling some goodies to keep you hydrated, umbrella/hat, snack biscuit or chips most of the stores and fast foods in the area are closed because of the festival, and camera you must not miss out this live motion of colors and genuine smile of all the people celebrating.

We stayed at Mambaling Pension House room cost ranging from Php500-Php800 per night on a regular basis. But, for special occasions like Sinulog, their rate goes up to 1500-1800 per night.

This is my first travel story for 2016 and I am craving for more adventure!!!

Ps: Photos taken via iPhone 6+ not bad right?

Thanks for viewing!

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