Life and Death

3:59 AM

I got myself back to painting again. Horraay! I have more time to do the things I love instead of living on what the society dictates. 
The ideas to this tribute artwork for my aunt have been growing circles in my head. Anywhere I go I thought of ideas and execution on how I want it to be done, but I don't have enough time to really dig into actually painting it. This is my first idea. Just a little info, my closest aunt passed away November last year and it was not easy. So to express my sadness I want to pour it all out through art. 
All the elements represents her. 
Flowers symbolizes beauty and purity, colors combined represents life and happiness. 
I tried using filters because I wanted to post it on Instagram the result was amazing because the shadows made it look like a dead body, which to me made more interesting. 

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