7:03 PM

I am now 21 and I can’t pull myself together I feel so free, I want to do everything and become who ever I want to be. All are very confusing.
Now that I am another year older I know things won’t become so easy, after I graduated from college and had my first job. I realized that after school you are in charge with your own life. Unlike before you look forward to another school year, you do things because school is requiring you without knowing it bit by bit you are improving yourself, but now as an adult you are responsible to whoever you will become in the future. You need to keep on moving and working for you to grow.
But the positive side of this is you can achieve whatever job you want or any career you want to pursue. There’s a lot of competition out there but eventually things will go smoothly in you path as long as you are focus on your goal.
Right now I am kind of confused on which path should I go for, to my passion to the career that I studied?
I want to enjoy life at the same time enjoy my job. I am still in search of that company.
Wish me luck!!!

 PS: We’ll be going to Boracay this weekend so expect summer post on this blog for the next coming weeks hahahaha

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