Happy Birthday

11:09 PM

I am not that kind of person who celebrates his or her birthday in a club or fancy restaurants most of the time What I want is an intimate dinner or trip with family and friends. Which I think is a common thing to everyone else. 
Since my life swift fast into a a better perspective I've decided to arrange a mini party at our house here in Marikina and invited my closest friends, colleagues, workmates and some friends of my mom. 

My friend made an event of my celebration page in Facebook and I made a few online invitation to tune up the expectations. 
Here are the posters. 

We sang all night of course karaoke is the best entertainment in this type of occasion. I am very happy because I felt like this celebration made a positive impact with my friends. Well most of them are working and Stressed with life. I could say that singing took off those negative vibe in their system because they all sang their heart out! 

Being able to laugh, joke around and share stories with my friends made my day. 

I realize something about age. Whenever we added another year in our life no matter how hard you try to be the same person as you are last year you just can't, I mean even though we don't want things to happen or to take new responsibilities, events will just fall into place. You have to deal with it. If only we can be forever young. 

But now if I am going to talk to my present self as a friends. I would say that you became the person who you want to be this year, change is good it's a sign that you doing better. Never stop aiming for new experiences in life your future self will always be there and I believe that the future you will be the person who you wanted to be make it happen today. 

I am grateful for all the blessing that I received this year and I hope things will still get better for the next coming days and months. I am blessed because I have my supportive friends and loving family. 

I guess my goal now that I am 21 I should learn how to be wise in life. Wise in a sense that I am able to have fun yet I am still earning from what I am happy about. Pursue passion and career. Never give on reality.  

Thank you for visiting this page. 

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