Sip and Gogh

6:37 PM

Since I’ve celebrated my birthday in advance, I wondered what to do on my real birthdate.
I am super happy because someone celebrated with me and brought me in this wonderful world of art and creativity. Woooaaaahhhhh hahaha!!!!!
We went to Sip and Gogh Eastwood. Well, Sip and Gogh is a paint and sip studio where you can actually paint and try different kinds of wine available. 

For the painting all materials are available, their medium is acrylic. I prefer using watercolor as a medium in my paintings but, acrylic is also good especially if you want to paint on a canvas and achieve that vivid color and texture on your artwork.
 Brushes, Apron, canvas, paint, towel, and water are for unlimited use for every session. 

They also have food!!! I had an A3 size canvas and I thought I could finish my work fast but no then I got hungry. 

After every session, they will take a photo of you below their Sip and Gogh logo and then you can download your photos through their Facebook accounts. You can take home your painting and it comes with a tote bag specially made for canvas. So cute!!! 
It was indeed a memorable experience.

Since it was my birthday when I visited Sip and Gogh they gave me a 10% coupon so my next visit will be discounted. Horaaay!!!
That day I paid 1000php for 1-day session without the wine tasting.
Paint and wine cost for 1200Php per person. 
Studio is open from 11am-11pm daily,

Sip and Gogh have other branches around the metro; you could check them out and have your own experience of being a Picasso for one day. They also have group sessions where they teach kids how to paint. 
Adults are also welcome to learn, it’s never too late to learn new things right? Let’s go!!!

Sip & Gogh Ayala Heights Branch

Sip & Gogh Eastwood Branch

Sip & Gogh Kapitolyo Branch

Sip & Gogh Alabang Branch - Opening Soon!

For more info:

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